Saturday, November 23, 2013

Making glassware from wine bottles ...

I've wanted to make glassware from wine bottles for the longest time. Last Christmas, I received a glass cutting kit (thank you Santa!) and have been waiting to carve out time to use it.

Ephrem's Original Bottle Cutter Kit. Image via Alamodeus.

First I removed the labels (click here for my tutorial) and cleaned off any remaining adhesive residue. After drying the bottles, I adjusted the cutter to the desired glassware height and scored the glass following the kit instructions.

Wine bottle placed on adjustable height glass cutter.  Image via Alamodeus.

The bottle is then heated with a candle along the score line. This takes a little practice to make sure the bottle is hot enough without being so hot that cracking occurs.

Ice is applied to the score line all around the bottle causing the glass to break (more often than not, exactly as intended.)

Now it's time to wash off the candle soot, dry and sand the glass edges. The sanding takes some time, but worth the effort to get a smooth edge finish.

Glassware made by Alamodeus from wine bottles.

I love how my rustic wine bottle glassware turned out. These will be fun to use at our completely casual Thanksgiving.

Finished wine bottle glassware. Image via Alamodeus.

First, these green goddesses need a test run.  Perfect timing for the just released Beaujolais Nouveau 2013 from Georges Duboeuf.  Santé!

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