Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kraft wraps ...

There's nothing like the simplicity of Kraft paper for creative gift wraps. So, come all ye crafty ... let's find inspiration in twigs and twine, stamps and stars and bits of buttons and bows.

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The moment I saw the 'trees' on the gifts above, I knew I wanted to create this look for Christmas presents this year.  I have a stockpile of twigs, yarn and thread, and plenty of Kraft paper.


Images above via Makoodle(left) and Sweet Paul Magazine (right).

Small remnants of fabric, twine and little notions are fabulous for adding personal pizzazz to simply wrapped presents. I'm a big fan of yarn and pompoms, too.

Gift wagon by Alamodeus

For the holidays, I decided to decorate my little green wagon with small gift boxes wrapped in Kraft paper. Each package is tied with recycled red felt that was used to create bows and adorned with berries, leaves or small glass ornaments.

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Stamps are a natural embellishment for paper wraps, too.  Love the birds (above) and the sweet little trees (below) used to add a lively charm.

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Stickers, either purchased or crafted by hand, bring so much pleasure to the gift recipient, and become the focus of holiday wraps.

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I can't say enough good things about the marriage of twine and paper.  Love, love the work of the clever maker of these gift card wraps who made a handsome statement by hanging these from a tree branch.

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Cindy Albert said...

Always love kraft paper with stamps and/or red ribbon.

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