Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gold and good cheer ...

For me, gold painted branches always induce oohs and ahhs. They're like Mother Nature with a Bob Mackie makeover.

Image via

So, I began thinking of ways to incorporate this look into my own holiday decor this year. I've seen so many inspiring photos of tree branches festively dripping with ornaments and mini-lights.

Image via

Whether suspended from a chandelier or perfectly balanced in a vase, I love the way tree boughs and twigs move indoors as seasonal decor.

Image via

That really started me thinking about our recently pruned Mountain Laurel tree and the beauty of the branches that had been removed.


Images above via Franciskas Vakre Verden (left) and Austin designer/stylist Maureen Stevens (right).

Taking my cue from unadorned gilded boughs, I decided to tackle this little experimental project for the holidays.

Golden holiday tree via Alamodeus.

With my daughter visiting today, I put her into service assisting with spraying a coat of gold paint before adding a light dusting of snow and ornaments.  So easy!  Now, my office will not be barren during the Christmas season.

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