Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cricket stools ...

I'm always in need of a few more inches in height, finding it necessary to climb a step ladder almost daily when pulling product from top shelves in our soapmaking facility. I finally tired of dragging around a ladder and decided what I needed was a little 'cricket stool.' I was confident our design build team (consisting of me and my husband) could handle this project.

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First, a little cricket stool history from antique dealer Peggy Mclard. "From the 17th through the early 19th centuries the terms ‘footstool’ and ‘cricket’ were interchangeable in everyday life. Stools were separated into three groups based upon their height. Lowest was a footstool or cricket, measuring no more than 12” tall. These stools were used as seating for children as well as a place for sitters to place their feet."


Images above via Malle Jet Brocante (left) and Etsy (right).

These cricket stools, as the contemporary market often refers to them, have been the darling of antique dealers and decorators for decades. I had more than a decorative application in mind for my cricket and began looking at functional designs for inspiration.

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I finally found the perfect piece (above) to influence the design details for our project.  I decided on dimensions 14" wide, 8" deep and 11" high, then drew out the pattern for my husband to construct.

Cricket stool photos by Alamodeus

Just a mention about the wood used: My husband and I planted a Red Oak tree on our property 24 years ago as a wedding anniversary gift to one another. An ongoing drought over the last few years brought on its demise, and my husband cut down the dying tree and took it to a mill to have it planed so we could retain the wood. The planks dried for a year and are taking on new life in many forms, including the cricket stool constructed by my amazing husband.

Cricket stool photo detail by Alamodeus

I didn't like the way the stain turned out, so I softened it with a rubbed application of watered down blue paint. I added a heart to forever symbolize the love this 'Anniversary Oak' represents. And, as my very tall husband noted, it makes a perfect kissing stool, too!

Cricket stool photo by Alamodeus

I'm so happy with this little cricket! Even though it's newly constructed, it comes with a long, joyous history. I finished the painting last weekend, and it's been kiss tested and climbing approved!

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Krystina said...

You all are amazing! Great job!!

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