Saturday, May 4, 2013

Looky loo in gray ...

Lustworthy loos come in all colors, but lately I'm feeling partial to privies in gray.

Work of interior designer Lisa Epley. 

More photos of Lisa Epley's Houston townhome (shown above) can be found here.


Images above via Decor Pad. Love the wallpaper at right.

Image via Dust Jacket Attic.

Saving the shot above for a 'someday' bathroom remodel. It has that 'global modern' look I'm after. 


Images above via Elle Decor (left) and Segreto Finishes (right).

San Paulo, Brazil apartment of designer Roberto Migotto. Image via Casa.

Yes, I'd like to order one alabaster sink, please. It's how much? Oh, well. I'll just look at the photo. Thanks anyway.


Krystina said...

I love the wallpaper in Lisa Epley's Houston townhome bathroom too!

Best Birmingham Remodeling Contractor said...
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