Thursday, May 30, 2013

Byron Bay beach house ...

I just had to pass along a blog post I just saw from The Design Files.  Click here to see the amazing Byron Bay beach house of David and Yuge Bromley.

Images via Australia's The Design Files.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A few exciting things ...

Alamodeus is taking a brief hiatus to work on new design elements for our blog.  Some exciting new content will also be part of our relaunch in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned.  We'll be back soon.

Until our return, visit our Pinterest boards to enjoy photos from some of our favorite blog posts.  Click here to view.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Garden statuary ...

Every garden filled with flowers and vegetables, water features and animal life brings me pleasure. But, those special places that hold art and antiquities add treasure to the landscape as well.

I truly enjoy the contemplative elements added to green spaces, particularly when they reflect years of patina from holding court over the greenery.


Statuary and urns, concrete and metals - all have mastered the art of seduction.

Garden statuary seems like such an underwhelming term for such grand artistic expressions. Some are magical and personable, while others are rustic architectural ornaments. All enhance the beauty that gardeners and visitors appreciate.


White as a sheet ...

If you visit my closets and cupboards, you will no doubt notice my affinity for white.  Classic white button down shirts and white tees, white towels and white sheets, white plates and white napkins ... did I mention I like white?

Images above via Lolobu (left) and Obaz (right).

My family often makes jokes about my endless collection of white shirts. I say, "you can never have too many." It's a classic look that can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Images above via Mildred & Co. (left) and Good Life of Design (right).

I'm also smitten with white linens. They look so crisp and clean and there's never a design style conflict. Gifts in white are a no-brainer, too. White is always appropriate and complements every color scheme.

Image via Coco Cozy.

I describe my stock of white plates by explaining how I can entertain 300 of my nearest and dearest friends with relative ease. Well, that's a little 'white' lie, but not very far from the truth.

By designer Stephen Shubel. Image via The Style Saloniste.

White just speaks to me. 


Image via Simple Everyday Glamour.

Image above via Domicile.

Scandinavian kitchen image via Decor Dots.

Merry go round ...

Round tables make mornings merry. They invite better conversation and always remind me of joyful breakfasts served with morning sunlight.

Image via Elle Decor.


Images via South Shore Decorating Blog (left)
and Splendid Sass (above right).

Image via The Observer.

Images above: Designer Barry Dixon's breakfast nook (left) via Old House Online and antique table via Zsa Zsa Bellagio (right).

Now, if someone would kindly serve a fresh croissant and hot chocolate on my round breakfast table, I would be ever so thankful!

Shed some light ...

When it comes to unique lighting, DIYers have no shortage of creativity. Just look at some of their unique creations using items easily found at home.


Images above via Refound Objects (left) and Country Living (right).

Kitchen goods seem to inspire lots of crafters who upcycle vintage moulds, bowls, plates and funnels to fuel their lighting passion.


Images above via EU Fab (left) and Ebay (right).

Image via Pincookie.

There are always a selection of bottles that make their mark on illumination. The wine bottle must be the most upcycled choice for chandeliers.

Image via Rosebuds Cottage.

One globe makes two light fixtures well-suited for an office or study space.


Images above via Pleated Poppy (left) and a vintage shop display I photographed in Llano, Texas (right).

Sometimes, all you need is an interesting lampshade with a little boho charm.  It's a simple DIY project even for a crafting novice.  One lampshade wire skeleton and strips of remnant fabric tied to the spine can fulfill almost any bohemian fantasy. Add ornamentation for a 'more is more' approach.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Looky loo in gray ...

Lustworthy loos come in all colors, but lately I'm feeling partial to privies in gray.

Work of interior designer Lisa Epley. 

More photos of Lisa Epley's Houston townhome (shown above) can be found here.


Images above via Decor Pad. Love the wallpaper at right.

Image via Dust Jacket Attic.

Saving the shot above for a 'someday' bathroom remodel. It has that 'global modern' look I'm after. 


Images above via Elle Decor (left) and Segreto Finishes (right).

San Paulo, Brazil apartment of designer Roberto Migotto. Image via Casa.

Yes, I'd like to order one alabaster sink, please. It's how much? Oh, well. I'll just look at the photo. Thanks anyway.

Vintage swim ...

Bathing beauties in vintage swimsuits, a little something for the mid-century Mad Men!

Iconic image of Marilyn Monroe.

Images above and below via Vintage Swim.


Images above via Couture Allure (left) and Social Bliss (right).

Image via Swimwear and Lingere.

Image via Vintage Costumes.

I'd love to see more of this pinup girl glamour inspiring contemporary designs. It just goes to show that you don't have to spill out of something itsy bitsy to look gorgeous!

Artsy sea-art ...

There are oodles of ways to display beach art to bring a weekend coastal cabin to life. With summer approaching, it's time to look at some tidal treasures for decorating ideas.

First up ... bathing beauties. Love, love the framed vintage swimwear!

Image via California Livin Home.

Design by Caroline Decesare. Image via Sea*Life*Style.
 Images below via Completely Coastal (left) and Sally Lee By the Sea (right).


Delicious creatures from the sea ...

Image via New England Home.

Image via Oomph Online.


Images above via Jane Coslick Cottages (left) and Cottages-Gardens (right).

Image via See Saw Designs.

Nautical maps are uber stylish, too ...

Image via House and Home.

Images above via House Beautiful (left) and Pottery Barn (right).

'Great Harbor' wallpaper above by Ralph Lauren

Tides up ... time to hang ten, my friends.

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