Saturday, April 20, 2013

Splash pool ...

Is there any way to convince my husband that we really need a soaking pool? He's a 'no pool' kind of fellow, although he did offer to buy me a child's inflatable wading pool. Funny guy!

Image via Houzz.

I think something around 2-3 feet deep with a built-in ledge for seating would be perfect.

Image via Honeysuckle Life.

A little waterfall would be nice, but I'm willing to let that little extra go. And, since I don't plan to do laps, we can keep the size down, too.

Images above via Houzz (left) and Isla Mujeres Casa El Pio (right)

Okay, the possibility does exist that our dog may spend more time in the pool than adults, but I'm willing to share (and take care of the cleaning, too.)

Image via Pool Spa Outdoor.

We just NEED a cool respite from the brutal Texas summers, and it's cheaper that one vacation in the Bahamas.
Image via Red Tricycle.

Just look at how inviting these splash pools look, particularly with colorful walls and decorative tile.

Image via Krusto.

You are reading this, aren't you honey? What do you say?

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