Saturday, April 20, 2013

Riad rhapsody ...

You would not believe all the homes I have fallen 'head over heels' for across the globe. Among my favorites are historic riads, the traditional Moroccan houses with glorious interior courtyards and gardens. Yes, I've watched far too many episodes of House Hunters International on HGTV!

Image via Wander Lusted.

It's hard not to fall in love with these gems hidden within the walls of the historic Medina. Colorful tile, lush plantings and splash pools to beat the heat - all things that bring out my oohs and ahhs.

Image via Complete Morocco.

Oh, how I would love to entertain in a courtyard this magnificent! The riad garden above is about as lust-worthy as anything I've seen.

Image via Complete Morocco.

Hey, I would settle for a dip in the pool and an afternoon nap at any of these beauties.

Image of Riad Monika in Marrakech.

Although I would prefer a courtyard with a water feature, many riad courtyards are meant to offer a place with cooling breezes and ample seating to extend the public living area. 

Image via If the Lampshade Fits.

Given a protected, walled exterior space, many elements of the riad can be interpreted just about anywhere. I've seen my share in places like New Orleans, San Antonio and even San Francisco. 

Images via The View from Fez (left) and Coco Cozy (right).

(Above) The striking elements of the riad on the left have been thoughtfully recreated at right. From the blue and white tile flooring and luxuriant plant life to the casual seating and water features, the design relationship is evident.

I'm experiencing a bit of courtyard envy right now. I wonder how long it would take to construct as a DIY project. I can be back with the tile in no time!


Krystina said...

I love this look too!

Marie Gaelle said...

Traditional Moroccan houses, riads give a great experience of Morocco (especially in Marrakech, you can find them).

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