Saturday, April 20, 2013


I don't believe I've ever been properly introduced to Asian design. Well, it's about time for a bit of Orient-ation.

Image via Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

I totally get the allure of red lacquer cabinetry, and like how well it works to add character and interest in eclectic interiors.

It's all in the details. The Sun Cabinet (image above left) sometimes called a Wedding or Marriage Cabinet, is a great piece for storage. And the antique, Mongolian storage cabinet (image above right) is my absolute favorite. From aged brass trim to decorative handcarvings, vintage pieces wear their pedigree well. 

Image via 1st Dibs.

I like the French term Chinoiserie that describes a mixture of Chinese and Western artistic elements in decoration and shape. It's 'Oriental-lite' for those who want to add the beauty of Asian pieces to other interior decor schemes.

Image via Family Holiday.

Just my cup of tea, French sensibility and handsome Asian influence.

Image via Layla Grace.

Love, love, love the look above! There is a Southern genteel charm here that still comes across amid the Oriental screen, glossy white Shishi (Foo Dogs) and Chinese blue and white porcelain. The dark wood chest is a keeper, too.

Image via Mel Medrano.

For everyone who drools over modern design, you have to love the Asian, minimalist influence that comes through loud and clear in the photos above and below.

Images via Gabberts Design Studio (left) and Hello Ideas (right).

Image via Decor 4 All.

This bathroom is delightful. Lots of natural elements and clean lines are a perfect pairing, don't you agree?

This concludes Orient-ation. Let class begin.

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