Friday, April 12, 2013

Here's looking a you, kid ...

I love art that's big, bold, and in your face. Modern portraiture is among my favs, and it's not because I like giant, probing eyes staring in my direction. I'm actually drawn to the emotional connection with the artists' subjects and intensity of style.

Love, love the canvases above and below by artist Dominic Besner.

I've held off placing art with probing eyes in any bedroom. That would be a bit creepy but I do love the shot of adrenaline they give to interior decor.

Image via A-Cero Architects.

Image via Pichomez.

Image via Planete-deco.

I need to dust off my brushes and get back into the studio. It's time to get those creative juices flowing through paint once again.

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