Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cooks and cocinas ...

I would say love, color and food are responsible for the creative juices that fuel my spirit. Each one of them reaches into an emotional center and pulls out all sorts of desire. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Fiesta Dinnerware was designed by Frederick Hurten Rhead in 1936
and is now among the most collected china products in the world.

A good friend completely transformed her kitchen to reflect the character of her vintage Fiestaware collection. That's love, color and food all wrapped into splendid new kitchen decor.

Image via Country Collectibles Magazine.

Dynamic kitchen color choices are sneaking into my remodeling visions, too. For someone who's been a little fearful of such bright hues, I'm beginning to come around. It has really taken flight due to the influence of bold Mexican cucinas.


Living in a city filled with Mexican culture makes the transition to vibrant paint schemes a natural. Why not crimson, or violet, or ochre? I'm suddenly being drawn into a Crayola state of mind.


Images above via Digs Digs (left) and Indulgy (right).

Perhaps somewhere between fuchsia and orange there lies a color that will speak to me. Or, maybe an aqua will announce its arrival with a splash upon the walls.

Image via House to Home.

I think I may not want to be bound by one shade when there are so many to choose from. Big, vivid stripes may be the answer. Or, just one focal wall with enough personality for the whole room could be the solution.

Love the modern take on traditional colors from south of the border. Image via Casa Decor.

So many images to inspire me. So much cultural influence to convince me.

Image via Casa Midy.

Yowza! Why not!?!

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