Friday, April 12, 2013

Channeling the inner Bohemian ...

Boho chic has a mystical vibrance that captures my imagination. I think of it as restrained delirium - a heterogeneous mixture of patterns, colors and styles. Each room is such a unique expression of the homeowner's personality. Love it.

Image of Paris apartment via Marie Claire Maison.

From the moment I scanned the photo page above, I knew the lavender ceiling was the beginning of something grand! Just like spaces in my previous Boho post, this room exudes unconventional character.

Image from the book Fortuny Interiors by Seattle-based Brian Coleman with photos by Erik Kvalsvik.

While some say "less is more," it's my guess that boho enthusiasts are of a "more is more" persuasion. The mirrored wall above multiplies the effect of the room's avant garde personality.

Image via Vanilla House.

Loving the traditional French panels and furnishings with lavish haute bohème influence.

Image via Glo.

The obvious Spanish flair is a modern take on the gypsy style. Gorgeous color. Bravo! 

Image via Allt I Hemmet Magazine.

Thoroughly modern: 'Mad Men' meets Euro flea market. Oozes boho charm.

Image via Wish Flowers.

Ahh, let's channel our inner Bohemian with a cool drink and relaxing afternoon. Yes, the pillows and blanket create a stylish respite for more chic inspiration.

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