Saturday, March 2, 2013

We're stumped ..

Several years of severe drought have taken a toll on our trees. Sadly to say, a number of trees on our property have died, including a very big, old cedar tree.

Our Cedar stump patiently awaits its transformation.

It was necessary to cut down the dead branches before they could fall and really do additional damage. But, I asked my husband to leave the tree stump in place. With about 40" left in height, an idea emerged.

Image via Media Fire.

I think we could build a low tree house like the one above. Isn't it gorgeous? The landscaping around it is fantastic.

Image via Lil Blue Boo.

Or, maybe create an enormous nest just for fun. I'm sure I have some friends who would be willing to give this perch a try.  After all, we are a bit Cuckoo!

1 comment:

Krystina said...

I am willing to try! What a unique idea!!

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