Saturday, March 16, 2013

Welcome matte ...

Matte gray is rather ominous when seen in the sky, but far from sinister in interior decor. I think of it as imparting a relaxed sophistication ... beautiful and approachable.

Image via Casa Sugar.

Matte gray is a color cameleon, contributing to the rustic character of a traditional setting or equally distinctive in modern decor.

Image via Little Blue Deer.

I've used gray in my home's master bedroom palette where it's paired with creams and taupes. While gray is often thought of in cool tones, it can be equally adept at creating an ambiance of elegance, warmth and tranquility.


Images above via Little Blue Deer (left) and Velvet & Linen(right).

I'm sure I've been swayed by the extensive use of gray in French decor. Hey, that's just fine with me. I can't think of any other color that harmonizes as well with other shades on the color wheel.

Image via Shelter Interior Design.

Right now, I'm feeling a craving for matte gray, gold and cream. Ooh la la, a lustworthy pairing!

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