Saturday, March 9, 2013

The art of Jill Mayberg ...

It takes work to attain a simplicity in life. Sounds a bit like an oxymoron. But, it really does take discipline and talent to create a simple portrait of culturally homogeneous Americana as evidenced by the art of Jill Mayberg.

Mixed media artist Jill Mayberg has creative talent in abundance. Her work, as she states, is "inspired by patterns, polka dots, sweet edibles, water, Kandinsky, aboriginal art, Louise Bourgeois and images that cross [her] daily path."

That daily path includes walks along the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington where she encounters many of the creatures that find prominence in her work. From her studio in the Pacific Northwest, Mayberg paints and glues and crafts colorful images of her favorite animals, plants and symbols in harmony with nature and man.

Even her acrylic pendants (above and below) are in demand through her Etsy shop which carries many of Mayberg's artistic treasures.

Along with fun pendants, greeting cards and original paintings, prints are also available through many galleries representing her work.

Cheeky canines, humble felines and dapper birds all make me smile!

All images via Jill Mayberg.

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