Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Moss madness ...

While almost everyone is focused on the NCAA college basketball playoffs known as 'March Madness,' I'm equally possessed by moss madness. Must be spring fever! So, I'm sharing the first weekly snippet of my Garden Journal featuring (drum roll, please) that heavenly carpet of green goodness known as moss.

Image of Alamodeus garden journal. This week's pages feature moss madness.

Such amazing chairs of moss! I have no clue how many glue sticks it takes to adhere this much greenery. But, my often-sizzled fingers hurt just thinking about it.

Image of crafted moss topiary by Alamodeus.

I'm so thrilled that manufacturers have created long sheets of moss for craft projects. I recently created large topiaries for my trade show booth using these large sheets.

Image via Style Me Pretty.

One of the best things about sheet moss is the ability to use it on the tabletop as a runner. I'm thinking of incorporating moss at our next soiree. So inviting for spring!

Image via United With Love.

The other thought is crafting placemats instead.

Image via Belle Bebes.

How simple! Just roll out the size needed and trim to fit. I like the round placemats and can even use my glass plates just like the inspiration photo above. Perfect!

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