Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fanciful flock ...

What happens when you combine a bird fascination with unique, found objects? For Florida artists Jim and Tori Mullan, bird love is expressed through vintage relics that are transformed into artistic treasures with a steampunk vibe.

I first discovered their Mullanium bird collection at Kathleen Sommers, a great little boutique in San Antonio.

Their handmade works can be found in galleries from La Jolla, California to Chatham, Massachusetts and beyond. Literally, these creations have landed in galleries, museum stores and specialty stores worldwide.

For more than 20 years Jim and Tori have collaborated on Mullanium designs that have an organic timeworn character, combining Jim's enthusiasm for nature and history with Tori's passion for antiques and jewelry.

Together, these gifted artists (and spouses) work from their 3300 square foot studio in Pompano Beach, Florida, to masterfully build fascinating flocks of gear-driven songbirds, imaginative boxes and heirloom jewelry.

All images by Mullanium.

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