Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dough nuts ...

Finding inspiration in dough is easier than one might imagine. With a bit of sleuthing, I came across some jewelry pieces and ornamental accessories made from simple dough.

Image via We Heart It.

Quite cute for a quick, simple batch of dough and bit of paint. 

Image via We Heart It.

Hey, how hard can that be?

Image via Etsy.

Well, not hard at all, actually. I located the recipe below and began my little project. By the way, this would be a simple project to create with children.


1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water

That's it. Roll it out like cookie dough and have fun! After cutting out the shapes, stamping, sculpting, etc. Put in the oven at 200 degrees for 2-3 hours.

Images above via Alamodeus.

I made my own dough cutter from an old nail polish bottle since I wanted an oval shape.

Handmade Capistrano Soap Company logo stamp. Images above via Alamodeus.

I also created my own stamp to mimick my company logo by printing the logo graphic on Shrinky Dink paper, cutting around the areas that I wanted to retain, baked according to directions and affixed to a foam backing.

Capistrano Soap Company logo imprinted on salt dough pendants. Images via Alamodeus.

Each dough disk was stamped and a hole added so that I could add a jump ring for hanging as a pendant. I baked according to the recipe instructions. When the bake time was up, I turned off the oven, flipped each disk and placed them back in the oven to dry completely overnight. The following day, each disk was ready for painting.

Capistrano Soap Company logo imprinted on salt dough pendants. Images via Alamodeus.

I wanted a primitive, rustic look, so I rubbed metallic paint on each followed by black paint applied by brush. Then, I gently wiped away the black paint, leaving it only in the stamped imprint with a bit of staining for aging.

I like the way it almost looks like interesting stone.

Capistrano Soap Company logo imprinted on salt dough pendants. Images via Alamodeus.

The disks were finished with a coat of clear, matte acrylic to ensure the dough does not become mush should it get wet. Viola! The sweet little dough pendants are ready to hang.

That was easy!

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