Saturday, February 9, 2013

Meet my new love, Terry Macey ...

Every once in a while, I come across a designer whose work seems to grasp who I am and what I love. Terry Macey is one of those designers. I just recently discovered this UK label, and I find myself smiling with delight at every piece in their line.

I was looking for some inspiration to make a velvet dress (which I've wanted to create for some time). And, there it was ... a beauty in luxurious asphalt gray speaking to my creative desires from Somerset, England.

It was the work of Terry Macey and Angelika Elsebach, the design team (pictured above) who follow nature's path rather than trends in creating a line of clothes that have a quality of freedom and individuality.


They design apparel "for women of every size, shape and age" in natural fabrics that have a classic simplicity and timeless appeal. Their bespoke collection of romantic and feminine pieces have earned a loyal client base.

From their garden studio set in the tranquil Somerset countryside, Terry and Angelika have blended their talents to build a growing design label that is crafted by local women from artfully selected fabrics.

In Autumn and Winter collections, there are lots of velvets, crushed silks, English wools, Scottish tweeds and cashmere.

Spring and Summer collections predominately include linen, muslin and silk in various weights. Until their designs cross the pond, I'll just have to appreciate their beauty or place an order directly with these talented Brits.

All images via Terry Macey.


Donna Machos said...

how do I buy Terry Macey? Does she sell in the US? Online maybe? I found her website but nothing about purchasing?

Thanks D

la Savonnier said...

I've not seen the Terry Macey line in the US. You can contact them via email at:

Jade Thomas said...

I paid £275 for a design, raised my arms whilst sat down and fabric lacerated. Terry patched this and I looked as though my armpits were celebrating the Sydney Opera house. He decided this design fault (the garment was not fit for purpose) should cost ME £75, plus the £8 to return it twice. Very greedy.

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