Saturday, February 2, 2013

Face to face ...

Up front, let me just say I'm a big fan of portrait art. If your intriguing visage was staring at me, I'd stare right back. I'm just spellbound by portraits. Peering into those canvas eyes, I love to daydream of the character behind the image as if the strokes of the artist's brush could reveal all.

Image of Diane von Furstenberg via Architectural Digest.

I don't know about you, but I would have a difficult time seeing my own face day in and day out. Perhaps I'm less objective or less narcissistic when it comes to art depicting little ol' me.

Image via Rue Magazine.

But, I am fascinated by just about anyone else's portrait. Seems that many designers and their clients feel the same with big, bold images popping up in every space imaginable.

Image via Urban Grace Interiors.

Image via The Walkup.

While large portraits contribute a big WOW in any room, smaller canvases with their strategic colors and placement can have a big impact, too. 

Image via Tink Makes Art.

From hyper-realism to abstract art, having those mesmerizing faces front and center is a striking contribution to any interior decor.


Images above via Flea Market Style (left) and Iris Shomaker (right).

I might be hesitant to include portrait art in my bedroom, however. Somehow, waking up at night and seeing someone staring back a me might be a little unnerving.

Image via Sugar Meows.

While my bedroom may be off-limits to piercing, painted eyes, I love the dynamic contribution of large scale portrait art just about anywhere else.

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Krystina said...

I like portraits too and have a whole folder of inspiring ones that I have found over the years. Now to just enlist Julio Aleman to paint them all. He is a master at realism!

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