Saturday, January 5, 2013

Neutral zone ...

Bark and taupe, tobacco and oyster ... just some of my favorite neutral shades and perfect partners in a winter wardrobe. Direct from Mother Earth's palette to 2013 couture, neutrals are chic designer favorites.


Runway glamour above by designers Jack Guisso (left) and Oscar de la Renta (right).

Add a dash of shimmer or fur trim, and I'm hooked.

Image by

It's easy to see the palette carry from runway to the street. With the exception of trendy cuts, neutrals seem to transcend style dictates. That's particularly true of classics like jackets and scarves that can put in years of service.

Image via Lilly Unique.

Image via Queen's Wardrobe.

While they're appropriate year-round, I favor neutrals in winter (saving my color blasts for spring and summer.) 


Yes, please. I would happily accept either of the great jackets above. Give me the Gucci gator (left) in brown or the ivory beauty (right) paired with jeans. Oh-so-chic!

Hermes bracelets.

And, I love the accessories in natural shades with just a touch of gold or silver for a zest of bling.

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Krystina said...

I will take one of each as well! They'll go great by the beach!!

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