Saturday, January 5, 2013

Golden girl ...

According to British poet Alfred Lord Tennyson, "Love is the only gold." But, I would wager he knew as many people who felt that "gold is the only love."

Image via Adore Home Magazine.

When it comes to metal finishes, count me among those who cherish gold. There is something compelling about the warmth of gold that makes me act like a magpie drawn to a shiny object of desire.

Moroccan tea cups from Just Morocco.

Image via Eclectic Revisited.

Oooh, and if that gold is gilded on antique furnishings, I'm euphoric. It's hard to contain my desire for the burnished charms of old gold.

Image via Home Biba.

In design styles old and new, a masterful golden touch makes me swoon.


Images above via Home Is Where The Heart Is (left) and Decor Pad (right).

I know decor preferences revolve from gold to silver to tarnished bronze and back again. But, my heart never strays from a golden preference.

Image via The Diversion Project.

I'm a golden girl from head to toe!

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