Saturday, January 5, 2013

Emerald isle ...

Cheers to Emerald Green, selected as Pantone's 2013 Color of The Year. 

Image via Cabbage Rose.
Emerald is such a rich, deep shade, perfect to set trends in home decor. And, from what I can see, it transcends styles with ease.

Image via Nuria Arfa.

Thinking of reupholstering that dingy ottoman. What a sexy new life it could have in emerald velvet.

Image via Optimism and White Paint.

I'm thinking of every old, mundane piece of furniture that could be transformed with a glaze of this green or painted in high gloss. Yum!

Image via The Turquoise Iris.

Image via Redesign Revolution.

Drama and high style. What's not to love?


And, what an ooh-la-la addition to a wardrobe. I'm easily seduced by the European beauties shown above in emerald green. Images via Harpers Bazaar (left) and Vogue (right).

Lynn Ford handcarved decorative wood with an aged emerald green patina. Image via Alamodeus.

By far, my favorite emerald is found on the Lynn Ford vintage piece (above) that I purchased from the estate of his brother and famed architect O'Neil Ford. This hand carved decorative wood was crafted by Lynn Ford (1908-1978) in his Willow Way workshop where the celebrated artisan produced doors, screens, walls, light fixtures, containers, and other items in wood, copper, and brass.

I know it has looks that only a historian would love. But, one of these days, I'll have my talented husband tighten the joints and repurpose my favorite emerald gem into a headboard or maybe a cabinet door.

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