Saturday, January 26, 2013

Booth blossoms ...

I just got back from the winter market at Dallas Market Center and thoroughly enjoyed making new friends and adding new retailers for our ACEQUIA® Bath and Body Collection.

I know we don't look too glamorous, but we had just spent hours getting everything
built, hung and displayed in our trade show booth.

It's fun watching a concept come to fruition, taking it from design to construction, and hearing such positive feedback.  I loved creating our Capistrano Soap Company booth and watching it blossom.  Here's a little peek at the process.

Bath & Body FINDS booth at the winter Dallas Temp Show.

This is the blank canvas: 10' x 10' space with carpet, standard aluminum framing with two fabric walls (since we had a corner booth), two IKEA chairs and overhead florescent lighting.

Okay, it's a little rough around the edges, but my sketch solidified the concept in my head.

My concept was to create an intimate, upscale boutique for our luxury line of liquid soaps and lotions (without breaking the bank.)  I was inspired by the chic shops along the rue St. Honore in Paris.  While my quick, rough sketch above lacks finesse, it served as a starting point for the ultimate layout.

I made the draperies from some great fabric I found online.  (If you ever want a great deal on fabrics with an enormous selection from which to choose, click your way to Online Fabric Store.) Bought the chandelier for last year's booth from  I made the topiaries and provided a tutorial in a previous post.  Hey, you've got to be creative on a limited budget!

The lightbox built by my husband beautifully illuminates our all-natural ACEQUIA products and sits atop a while lacquer Campaign style desk purchased from World Market.  I covered the little side table (actually a butler's table) with two fabrics, tailored and tied to add more display surface on top with storage hidden under the skirt.

Viola! A trade show booth is born.  Next stop, Atlanta ...

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