Friday, December 21, 2012

Tempted by topiaries ...

I love the look of ball topiaries ... boxwood being my favorite. They are so elegant and welcoming. Okay, I like other shapes, too, but balls appeal to my orderly nature.

Image via The Style Saloniste.

Anytime I see these classic topiaries, I feel transported to a lovely formal garden.

Image via Restoration Hardware.

Add weathered concrete or zinc planters, and my passion is ignited for a French jardin to call my own. Paris Garden shops are stocked with these handsome gray planters, and topiaries reign supreme.

Images via Tree Frog Nursery (left) and BSpoke Design (right).

So, guess what serves as my inspiration for adding some natural elements to my company's exhibit booth during the January market? You've got it ... ball topiaries handmade with moss.

Moss ball topiary crafted by Alamodeus.

I couldn't possibly transport heavy planters with real greenery. So, I started with paper lanterns for the ball skeletons and sheet moss for the greenery. Lots of hot glue and singed fingers later, I completed my moss balls and gave them lovely gray planters for the base.

Moss ball topiaries by Alamodeus.

Viola! I now have two really lightweight and easily transportable moss ball topiaries to add some great character to the Capistrano Soap Company booth during the Bath & Body FINDS Temp Show at Dallas Market Center in January.

Completed moss ball topiary by Alamodeus.

Topiary project completed. Now, I'm off to begin making the draperies. I'll be sure to post photos in January of the booth with topiaries in place.

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Krystina said...

Great job Mom! Very impressive and oh so portable!!

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