Saturday, December 29, 2012

Party of two ...

I'm reserving a table for two for New Year's Eve. This year, we're planning a quiet dinner at home with a romantic table set for my husband and I to enjoy with candlelight, our favorite jazz and a good bottle of bubbly.

Image via the archives of Conde Nast.

Nothing too elaborate, mind you. But, I have found some online inspiration to help me plan our little celebration.

Images above via This is Glamorous (left) and Rattlebridge Farm (right).

I want to skip the dining room table (too big), ignore the breakfast room (too mundane), forego dining on the patio or pergola (too chilly in winter) and come up with a plan to dine somewhere out of the ordinary.

Image via Desde My Ventana.

I have several 'two-tops' from which to choose. Now, it's all about location, location, location. I'm actually thinking of our entry, a cozy little spot with lovely Saltillo tiles like those above.  I'll share photos next week.

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