Saturday, December 1, 2012

Naturally, it's Christmas ...

I'm a big proponent of using natural elements in Christmas decor. Anything worth doing can be done with pine cones and glue, wouldn't you agree?

Image via Vignette Design.

From windowsill decor to sconce accoutrements, those adorable pine cones are happy design elements of the season.

Image via

Rosemary and berries make fun project materials, too.

Image via Chic Deco.

I love, love little clay pots year 'round. Time to pot junipers and grasses ...

... and little cedar clippings that are naturally aromatic elements for decorating indoors and out. It's so much fun to smell the holidays, too.  Images above via Better Homes and Gardens (left) and Country Living (right).

Images above via Skona hem (left) and The Perfect Setting (right).

My husband spent the better part of two weeks in November clearing dead trees on our property, so now we have lots of nature's bounty to use for future building and crafting projects.

Image via the Little Wee Shop on Etsy.

I saw a photo of branches sliced and stenciled with a woodburning kit made into a homespun holiday garland. So, I'm now thinking about a zillion ways of using some of our smaller, cut logs for this treatment.

Image via Krakvik & D'Orazio.

What an ethereal setting for a Christmas gathering. I love the long branch used as a holiday chandelier. So pretty, and so naturally sweet for the season.

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