Friday, December 21, 2012

Breakfast guests ...

The Christmas holidays are upon us and treating our family houseguests to some enticing holiday meals is a real pleasure. Planning breakfast is my favorite treat since we generally stick to our same menu all the other days of the year. (Much healthier, too, I must say.)

Image via EcoSalon.
But, its a special time, so I'm thinking let's make the most of it. Mascarpone, Nutella, cream and sliced strawberries on toasted artisan bread sounds like a crowd pleaser. And, don't even think of dieting at my house during Christmas.

Image via Vows and Cake.

Mini pancake appetizers drizzled with syrup and topped with mint sprig and blueberry is sure to make breakfast fun.

Image via Sanctuary.

As long as I find one morning to make a yummy tart and serve it with a scoop of fresh cream and delicious hot chocolate, I will be satisfied.

The new year will be here soon, and there's time to get premium calories in before I resolve to get back to healthy eating. For now, it's all about 'no guilt' holidays with our loved ones.

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Sofia said...

Wow, these look delicious! I wouldn't have them for breakfast, but definitely a snack later in the day - yumm!

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