Saturday, November 24, 2012

Through the looking glass ...

Mirrors give instant polish to a room's decor. With abundant framing choices, sizes and finishes, I'm smitten with attractive mirrors that create an elegant illusion of space and light.

Image via the book, Be Your Own Decorator.

While 'less is more' may hold true in some instances, I'm a huge fan of a multitude of artwork hung on gallery walls with the inclusion of multiple framed mirrors.

Image via Roses and Rust.

One oversize mirror can make such a focal statement in a room's decor. Not too shabby of a choice, either.

Decor and image via designer Nancy Boszhardt.

But what I'm really eager to try is layering mirrors in future design schemes at home. So very dramatic!

Image via Velvet & Linen.

Reflected light from sconces or, in this case a chandelier, is stunning.

Design by Thomas O'Brien. Image via Elle Decor.

Mirrors are such a splendid way to bounce natural light from windows, too. They add imposing design detail while providing functionality on an otherwise lifeless wall.

You would get a kick out of seeing the mirrors stacked in our guest bedroom right now. There are several leaning against the wall, just waiting for the slow-to-fruition redecorating project on my to-do list. I really must get on that before we have a houseful of family in February.

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