Saturday, November 10, 2012

There's Moroccan to my madness ...

Dear Santa, please bring me Moroccan tea cups for Christmas. I will cheerfully accept any color you select. I only ask that the glassware be decorated with the signature, hand-painted gold trim.

Image via Maison Marrakech.

Without a trip to Casablanca in my near future, I'm relying on you, Santa, to fill my stocking with a bevy (that's 12) of these beauties.

Images above via Tasty Planner (left) and Dreamstime (right).

You and your adorable elves know how much I enjoy mint tea. With these handmade glasses made by skilled artisans from different regions of Marrakesh in Morocco, I'll be able to sip a refreshing drink in the glassware actually made for this tasty beverage.

Image via Veggie Belly.

Did you know that the process of making this glassware has been passed on from generation to generation? There are lots of 'Fair Trade' sources online that sell Moroccan tea cups made by villagers who contribute to their local economy.


Images above via Jenny Sweeney Designs (left) and Horchow (right).

I'd just like to say that these cups are versatile, too. Not in the mood for a spot of tea? Voila! The glassware is perfect to host votive candles.

Image via Maison Marrakech.

While being naughty is tempting, I have been nice all year (I don't get out nearly enough!). Check your list, you'll see Moroccan tea cups would make a lovely gift, indeed. Make note that I do not look good in Fez hats ... so, no substitutions please!

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