Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rub a dub, dub ...

I find it fascinating that wash tubs of yore have moved from their utilitarian roots to home accessory status. I'm sure my parents and grandparents would have found the notion quite odd that we have chosen to elevate the lowly tub to vintage treasure.

Image via Old Photos Blog.

The idea of using a tub for wash basin makes perfect sense even today.

Images above via Salisbury Artisans.

Clever designers incorporate galvanized tubs in cabins, cottages and rustic design schemes to add vintage charm. Amanda Jones created a refreshing laundry room solution with a non-scrub sink (above). Cabinetry by David Bowen. Love the look.


Images above via Riot and Frolic (left) and The Knot (right).

Tubs can be a real asset in utility rooms. We primarily use one of our two galvanized tubs for dog washing, but the other stands ready to ice down drinks when we have outdoor parties in the summer.


Some people are so very clever! Just look at the vintage charm these tub light fixtures impart. Brilliant repurposing for practical use.

Images above via Valerie's Yard (left) and RecyclArt (right).

Image via Recreate.

I'm not sure how this tub-turned-ottoman was constructed, but it looks great and serves a grand purpose.

Image via Dottie Hotties.

Taking the notion one step further in home decor, someone hung a tub on a wall in a mid-century modern space. I wouldn't have thought of this pairing, but it certainly works well in this room.

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