Saturday, November 10, 2012

Marble mania ...

I'm feverishly zipping through cookbooks for the perfect dessert recipe in anticipation of a family celebration tomorrow, and I keep thinking how wonderful it would be to have a marble pastry table.

Image via A Mad Tea Party with Alis.

A stationary marble-topped table would save me oodles of extra work (strenuous, at that), toting my marble slab from storage to countertop each time I need to roll out some pastry dough.

If we ever get around to our (much needed) kitchen renovation, a marble table is on my must-have checklist. I like the looks of the wood, but am rather drawn to the iron bases, too. Images above via Anthony Baratta (left) and Crate & Barrel (right).

Image via J. Covington Designs.

Aside from the practicality, marble's beauty is obsession-worthy. Of course, my fondness grows if the gorgeous slab sits above scrolled ironwork or ornately carved French gilt legs. 

Be still my heart! Both of the tables above set the bar for glamour. Images above via Cote de Texas (left) and The Swedish Furniture (right).

Image via Inspiracion Online.

I'm in love with fabulous antique marble tables that can be pulled into service at any celebration. Kisses to this lovely piece. Although it wouldn't make my pastry-making any easier, I wish I could find a twin table to this one on one of my brocante jaunts.

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