Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black out ...

Every shopping trip comes with the resolution, "I will not add any more black in my closet." Well, my resolve is not as strong as it should be, and I find myself ogling over the racks of black sweaters, blouses and pants in every store.

But, with brilliant coats stepping out this season, I could be tempted to add a splash or two of vibrant color.

Image via The Epoch Times.

It's time to resuscitate my basic black wardrobe. Sadly, only shoes have kicked in the color in my closet. But, glam winter coats are inspiring me to pair bold shades with black.


Images above via In Fashion Chicago (left) and from the streets of Milan by Trendy Crew (right).

Chic and bright looks are now on my radar. I resolve that my next purchase will be spiked with color!

Image of Lauren Conrad via The Fashion Police.

Too bad I'm not shopping for a new coat this winter. (Confession: I have more coats than someone living in Texas should own, or could possibly wear.)

Image via Trina Turk.

Loving these looks!

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