Saturday, October 13, 2012

His table ...

Since I'm fairly certain women plan and design most of the tablesettings for dinner parties and celebrations, it's only natural that the table decor reflects the hostess' aesthetic. But, what about decorating the table with a man in mind?

Image via Oh Brides.

For the men in my life, simplicity is key. Nothing too frilly for these guys. I would love a set of leather chargers (shown above) to create a cigar lounge vibe with subdued colors and classic tailoring. Someplace Hemingway would have felt right at home!

Image via Ralph Lauren Home.

No one knows the man's man better than Ralph Lauren. His sophisticated style transcends gender roles for a tabletop look with broad appeal. Hammered pewter, ivory dishware, rustic woods and hemp linen. Yum!

Earth tones always 'read' masculine to me and are great Fall favorites, too. In the photos above, brown is complemented by olive in another Ralph Lauren tabletop (left, photographed by Kat Teutsch) and blue (right, via Ritzy Bee). The pheasant feathers are a nice touch, but I would prefer them in the centerpiece.

Image via Rashon Carraway.

For romance and drama, nothing beats the seductive power of black! Add candlelight and an elegant partnership of crisp white linens with elegant silver accessories to give the table all the class of a refined gentleman's suit. 

Image via Kenton Magazine.

Just because the appeal is masculine doesn't mean it's time to skimp on the centerpiece. Flowers should be low-key, with greenery the star of the show. Think ivy, ferns and moss as main players in tune with the masculine elements of nature. 

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