Saturday, October 6, 2012

Golden grains ...

I was only a kid when I laid eyes on a golden, wheat sheaf table for the very first time, and I was hooked. It was sometime in the late 60's. My parents dragged me to a boring cocktail party at a friend's home, which was nice, but hey, I was bored to tears. That is, until I fell in love.

Image via Design Chat with Kim Lemmon.

That glistening gold covering a gently curved sheaf of wheat was so incomparable to our wood tables at home. Wow! And, a glass top, too. Wow! I had no idea furniture could be practical (like ours) and beautiful, too (like theirs).

Image via Style Theories.

That lesson had staying power, just like the classic gold table. When my husband and I married and moved to our first apartment, I came within inches of buying a beauty just like the one that impressed me so as a child. It was old and tarnished and collecting dust at a secondhand store. Although, I knew I could bring it back to life, I decided to be 'practical' instead - walking away without the purchase.

Images above and below via Study at Broadway Antique Market.

Woe is me. I could kick myself for missing that opportunity. These lovely (now vintage) tables are selling for a king's ransom today. I'm sure all of the Coco Chanel devotees can identify this table from photos of her stunning Paris apartment. I'm glad to know Coco was equally taken with the captivating form and function of a wheat sheaf table.

Image via My French Country Home.

What is old is new again, and I love seeing my first design crush in inspiring room photos today. So, my lust lives on in the pages of glamorous decor magazines. And, my home furnishings, you ask? All very practical!

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