Saturday, October 6, 2012

From charcoal to ash ...

There must be 50 shades of gray, and I love them all! I'm not talking about the bestselling erotic novel, but rather the hues that have taken over in my home's decor. Gray is a neutral that I've totally embraced because it complements every imaginable color.

Image via Interiorly.

Gray is certainly at home in formal settings, but it's equally compelling when translated into casual fabrics and surrounded by rustic woods - a feast for the senses.

Image via The Paper Mulberry.

Hues that lean toward blue/gray or dip into taupe territory, all appeal to me. And, I've happily become a devout enthusiast, posting about how it has taken hold of my gray matter here.

Images above and below of interiors by Barcelona designer Ana Ros.

It's easy to see why gray can be so compelling. Every bit of the wood trim in this master suite is elegantly clad in my favorite yummy neutral. These beautiful finishes are stunning with the rich gold, taupe and ivory decor.


Using gray in a bedroom color scheme is an invitation to rest and relax. I'm a true believer and have shared my gray conversion in a previous post showing how I used it my own bedroom.

Image via interior designer John Saladino.

Gray has the flexibility to be the most handsome canvas for any decor. It can be delicate in a dusty dove shade or powerful with a slightly darker tint.


Give in to glamour with gray's silvery hues or let another color bounce off it's charcoal charms. Images above via Little Blue Deer (left) and Apartment Therapy (right). I must mention that the little nursery (above right) is utterly swoon worthy.

If there is any thought that gray is a smidge dingy, pop in a trendy color accent here and there to liven it up, or combine with a variety of textures to create a serene and inviting monochromatic palette.

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