Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fat or skinny ...

Just about everyone agrees that anything covered in black and white stripes is a magnet for attention. The question is more about size. Do you prefer your stripes bold and broad or demure and thin?

Image via The Fat and Skinny.

I'm going to cast my ballot for a hefty presence. On sofas and chairs, stripes can turn tradition on its ear, creating a dynamic design element in any space.

Image via Brabourne Farm.

There is something compelling in the black and white scheme, and I'm convinced it's at its best when these modern fabrics are in juxtaposition with the traditional bones and classic lines of antique furnishings.

Image via Little Blue Deer.

Can it get any better that Louis, trimmed in gold and paired with black and white stripes? Ahh, the French sensibility. Stunning!

I love to see stripes on window shades, wall textiles and, most of all, draperies. The images above prove the beauty in striped fabrics. Images via Fleaing France (left) and Rue Magazine (right).

Image via Slim Paley.

Add a casual character to a room's decor with stripes ...

Image via Parlour Home.

or, give it a sensuous role in parlour or boudoir.

Image via Joy Tribout Interior Design.

Black and white can be a decadent addition.

So, pick a stripe width that appeals to you. Fat or skinny, there are no worries crossing these lines.

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