Saturday, October 6, 2012

Exposed brick ...

This morning, I spent some time admiring the handsome exposed brick at a redeveloped, historic brewery along the banks of the San Antonio River. What was once the abandoned Pearl Brewery property with laboratories, brew house, bottling buildings, canning plants and warehouses has been transformed into a 22-acre urban neighborhood with vibrant work/live spaces, restaurants, apartments and retail businesses.

Image via The Pearl.

Kudos to the developers who not only recognized the beauty of the exterior brick facade of these buildings, but also peeled away layers of interior stucco and sheetrock to reveal the original structural walls of exposed brick from the 1800's.

Image via Digs Digs.

Old brick walls with decades (and sometimes hundreds of years) of age, with their remainders of stucco and blemishes from long gone attachments, are an urbanist's dream.

Image via Damask et Dentelle.

Lofty spaces and the character exposed brick imparts cannot be easily duplicated outside of historic buildings like these.

Image via American Fashion Designers at Home.

Sure, I've seen oodles of contemporary living spaces with brick and brick veneer walls. It's simply not the same as exposed brick from an earlier era.

Image via Fashion at Liberty.

The 'best of the best' exposed brick still offers reminders of a long gone era. I'm particularly smitten with painted signage and personal messages still visible on the rough surfaces. I wouldn't touch a thing to change the character!

Image via Euro Style Lighting.

Restaurateurs and retailers know the value of exposed brick in interior finish-outs, too. Authenticity communicates a warm invitation to customers.

Image via Paris Perfect.

It makes visitors feel 'at home,' and that's one less hurdle in putting the customer at ease. Exposed brick is a great starting element with which to create a dynamic design scheme.

Image via of La Passionara Hat Shop in Maastricht, Netherlands via Regent Antiques.

But, it's in the home that my exposed brick obsession level is raised to lofty heights.

Image via Murray Mitchell.

Yep, I just want to touch my cheek to these walls and let out a sigh of delight!

Image via Pinterest.

Anyone have an old, converted factory they would like to lend to me? If my husband and I ever act on our plan to have an extended year-long stay in Europe, I'm definitely hunting down a lease on something this delicious.

Image via Damask et Dentelle.

Now that we own a soap manufacturing company, the next step is buying or building our own factory. Guess what construction material I have in mind. I've already sourced used brick and know a mason extraordinaire!

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