Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cabin fever ...

Oh my! This lovely chill in the air has given me a case of cabin fever. I am stricken with a burning desire to find a mountain cabin, or at least a camp cottage in the woods, where we can spend a few tranquil days.

Image via Mibroc Group.

There is an utterly relaxing attitude in a rustic cabin set among the trees. It's a haven for snuggling, reading, walking in the woods and simply listening to the resident birds and animals.

Images above via The Essence of Home (left) and Country Living (right).

It must be the elements of earth, wind and fire that call out to our basic nature. Surrounded by hardwoods from floor to ceiling (earth), lots of windows to receive light and breezes (wind) and a cozy fireplace (fire), I can't help but feel totally at ease in a simply constructed cabin.

Image via House and Home.

Several years ago, I had the good fortune to spend a working vacation in the most fabulous mountain cabin in Crested Butte, Colorado while filming a client video. The marvelous view from atop Copper Mountain and the cabin's rustic, chic interior made the stay extraordinary.


I really believe humble cabin furnishings create a relaxing tone that puts everyone at ease. It's all about keeping it casual like the cabin bedrooms above. Images via Home and Decor (left) and House and Home (right).

Image via Houzz.

Since cabins allow carte blanche decor where anything goes, it's as easy as pulling vintage things from grandmother's attic or collecting much more refined elements to create a cozy space. 

Image via Emily Baker.

Even industrial design has a place in cabin culture alongside flea market finds that contribute to the 'curl up on the couch' vibe.

Image of Bozeman, Montana cabin via CMT Architects.

I'm ready to pack up the blankets and get to a little, earthy oasis for a bit of rest and relaxation. You bring the marshmallows, I'll bring the chocolate!

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