Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blue plate special ...

I've been feeling a bit blue lately. Nope, I'm not sad. I'm just lusting after gorgeous blue plates. So, my collection grows and my husband is left pondering the attraction.

Here are some gorgeous ceramics that I would love to bring home ...

Image of Botanical plate from Crate & Barrel.

Image of Fez plates via Kay McGowan.

Image of antique Blue Hare plate by Teurel, circa 1650-1700. Sold by Guest & Gray.

Antique blue bird plate from Iran via Victoria & Albert Museum.

Safavid antique pottery dish (c. 1600s), probably Kirman, SE Iran, sold at auction by Christies for over $25,000.

Image of Scandinavian faience by Stig Lindberg.

Image via Harmonies du Soir.

Image via Remodelista.

I'm quite certain I'll be non-traditional this year at our Thanksgiving dinner. Blue's the hue, and I'll post photos with my newly acquired dishware at our holiday tablesetting. Until then, I'll keep adding to my growing collection ...

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