Saturday, September 29, 2012

Treasured textures ...

My senses are most happy when I am surrounded by a myriad of textures. Smooth and shiny, nubby and coarse, soft and cushy all combined to create a treasured textural experience in one alluring space.

Decor by Judy Aldridge. Image via Rue Magazine.

Spaces that host dynamic textural combinations have all seem to have a common denominator, each has one major surface that is totally calm and soothing. Giving the eye a place to rest is key.

Image via Cote de Texas.

The resting spot can be an unadorned wall or smooth floor, a white sofa or any pristine surface.

Image via Windsor Smith Room in a Box.

Then, the layers of texture play off the 'white space' beautifully. These are the spaces that make me want to touch everything, a habit that used to get me in trouble as a youngster!

Image via Eclectic Revisited.

I admit, I am a fabric junkie that loves the texture of woven flax and linen, embroideries, velvet, leather, fur and satin.

Image via Sea of Shoes.

Throw in the glitz of mirrors and metals, the earthy delights of woods and clay, and I'm in heavenly bliss.

Image via The Paris Apartment.

Tattered and frayed brocade, worn gilt surfaces, elaborately carved furniture all call out to me.

Image of Sugar House Loft, Bloemgracht, Amsterdam.

Where history and modernity meet is always my favorite place to treasure the textures in any environment.

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