Saturday, September 8, 2012

Top that ...

Last week, I came within a hair of buying a French bibi. What's a bibi, you ask? Well, it's a charming style of millinery (often called a fascinator hat) that is quite petite. The tantalizing headpiece that caught my eye was much like the one shown below.

A lovely lady named Rita Crosby makes some of the most delicious hats in San Antonio. Mind you, I did not buy the little beauty, but I came really close. I would have made this purchase if I just had more opportunities to wear a hat.

But, I've come to discover I really like hats!


Images above via Marlena Romeo Millinery (left) and Blossom Hat for Chanel Haute Couture (right).

High style and drama ...

Images above via Jane Taylor Millinery.

romantic and feminine ...

Image above via Alan White Millinery

Image via The Image Counsellor.

even those with vintage charm appeal to me.

Image via Pinkham Millinery Store.

Image via Kikuyu By Yu.

Next time I set foot in a millinery shop or see an advertisement for hat making classes, I will definitely pay far more attention. I'm a hat convert!


Gretchen Wilson said...

I so love hat, which I could wear one and not feel out of place in my town. I have about 50 vintage hats, mostly from family when we were required to wears hat to Mass on Sundays. Let's bring them back.

Alamodeus said...

Oh, Gretchen, I'm with you. I wish women with hat's didn't feel so out of place in my city, too. I would own many if I lived in Paris, London or even New York.

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