Saturday, September 1, 2012

Planting the potager ...

Finally! I have planted a potager for fall. Potager is a French term for an ornamental vegetable or kitchen garden, and I've wanted a sweet little kitchen garden for ages. We still have our large vegetable garden tended by my husband, but it is too far from the kitchen to trek for little herb cuttings as I cook.

Image of mon potager via Alamodeus.

It's not much to look at yet (as shown above), but once it hits its stride, we should have ample herbs for fall and some lovely tomatoes, too. I've planted basil, parsley, sage and oregano, plus three different types of tomatoes. I hope my little plot produces as well and looks as good as the inspiration potager photos below.

Image via Vintage Garden Gal

Our climate provides an extended warm weather growing season that lasts easily from March through December. So, we can really accommodate two warm weather plantings: spring plant dates for summer harvest and late summer planting for fall harvest.

Image via Minerva's Garden

Usually, we make our annual pilgrimmage to France in the fall, so I never have the opportunity to plant a potager (pronounced 'puh ta zhay'). It's senseless to let the plants die while we're abroad. With plans to stay home this season, I'm thrilled to have my little plot just outside the kitchen door with tasty ingredients at hand for my favorite recipes.

Books can be sourced through

I've been inspired by some lovely books I've seen during our travels that are also available through Amazon online.

At present, most of our main garden (my husband's domain) is resting for the next planting. There are tomatillos in the only section growing just now. But, it's harvest season for our little olive grove and some of our lavender is in full bloom, too.

Photos of Arbequina Olives (above) and lavender (below) via Alamodeus.

Happy planting!

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