Saturday, September 1, 2012

On a scale ...

It's been three years since I quit a 36 year habit. I gave up smoking to improve my health, only to find that its substitute is a far worse plague. Yes, each year for the last three years I've added 10 pounds. That's 30 pounds of dangerous cargo, perhaps far worse than my half pack of cigarettes each day.

It's not like I was at my goal weight to begin with! It seems I traded each puff of smoke for a generous serving of cake, cookies and candy. Several efforts to walk the dust off my treadmill have not made any difference on the scale.

So, I told my doctor I wanted to lose weight and he said something quite noteworthy, "Getting to your optimal healthy weight is 80 percent dependent upon what you put in your mouth, and 20 percent dependent upon exercise." He gave me one sheet of paper containing a common sense list of foods that contribute to good health (veggies, protein, fruits and nuts) and a list of bad food choices (processed carbohydrates and sugars).

This week, I started eating just what Mother Earth provides and eliminated things that were created by chemists and manufactured on a production line. Guess what? I've dropped six pounds in six days, even with one slip up dining out.

I know that won't happen every week, but I'm now ready to focus on good health. Yes, I've eliminated the colas, chocolates and processed foods on my cold turkey method, just like I did when I was mentally prepared to quit smoking. No patches, pills or powders. No insane boot camp workouts. Just working with what our treasured Earth provides and some great recipes to make everything taste yummy.

I'm learning to scale back portions and appreciate growing and preparing more of my food.

Wish me continued success. I have many, many more pounds to go and will keep updates coming along the way.

Getting healthy and trimming those pounds has an additional benefit. I can't wait to buy skinny clothes for my next trip to Paris!

All illustrations by Kanako Kuno, a gifted artist and blogger who posts
the My Little Paris blog.

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