Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mini clay pots ...

In every shop I've visited lately, it seems there are mini clay pots serving a variety of tabletop functions. My head is spinning with ideas of how to use my stash of little pots now that they are on my radar.

Image via The Milkhouse.

I have no clue what these moss-filled pots are doing on a cake plate, but even if they do nothing more than add to the centerpiece arrangement, they're too cute to ignore.

Image via Martha

Glue a hand-lettered note with guest's name to a twig, stick it in a moss-filled clay mini and cover it with a water glass. Voila!  A super cute place card and drinking glass ensemble. Darling idea.

Image via Alamodeus.

Maybe the nesting instinct appeals more. Glue a little store-bought nest to the clay pot for a place holder (above), or go all out and add a bird (below).

Image via Alamodeus.

But, the top prize goes to creating a micro-campfire in the little clay pots (below).

Image via Après Fête.

This is OMG-level brilliant for al fresco dining on an autumn evening. Simply line the mini clay pot with aluminum foil and place a tea light candle inside. Bring out the skewers, marshmallows, chocolate pieces and graham crackers for individual dessert S'mores at the table. Love, love, love this!

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