Saturday, September 22, 2012

Head over heels for Halloween ...

Halloween is about the only holiday that transports us back to our childhood and brings out our crafty nature, too.

Image taken by Alamodeus at Melissa Jeffrey Home.

Melissa Haberstroh is the creative talent behind this wickedly humorous centerpiece. As you enter Melissa's shop, Melissa Jeffrey Home in Boerne, Texas, the remains of one headless witch have been crafted into a Halloween centerpiece. 

Image taken by Alamodeus at Melissa Jeffrey Home.

Melissa has taken a handsome urn with Autumn berries, leaves and moss to surround a pair of mannequin legs dressed in striped hose and spellbinding boots. Nicely done! And, her pumpkin-colored banquette seats (a little peek shown in the photos above) are stunning. 

Image via unknown.

Squirmy snakes give this Halloween wreath a scare factor that might just keep visitors away, too. Creepy rubber snakes from a craft store have been hot glued to a grape vine wreath and finished with a spray of black paint. Chillingly creative.

On the heels of Halloween, we celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in remembrance of our departed family and friends. It's a joyous celebration of life in vivid colors and iconic skeleton imagery.

Image via Creative Kismet.

Why not take a clay pot or two like these and transform them for the holiday?

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