Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cover those legs ...

Cooler weather is a good reason to cover our legs. Hemlines drop and we slip on boots, too. But, the season is also a good time to consider hiding table legs with draped skirts. I love the drama of classically tailored panels or voluminous table skirts cascading to puddles on the floor.

In a previous post, I mentioned table skirts I've created with a variety of fabrics and vintage gimp and braids, bullion and passementerie (often using beautiful French trims I found at Paris' Clignancourt Flea Market!) I change them out depending on the season and my decorating mood.

Layered table skirts. Image via Alamodeus.

The skirted table in my entry (above) is layered and dressed for Fall with a natural hemp underskirt and a raw silk topper in grey with embroidered gold dots. I like to change out the accessories on a whim to add interest.

Layered table skirts. Image via Alamodeus.

Our master bedroom table (above) is draped with a silver satin underskirt and topped with a two-toned silver striped silk. It's one of my favorite elements in the room that is decorated in soft grays and taupe hues to remind me of France. On occasion we use it for a romantic dinner or late-night glass of wine.

With a larger foyer, I would move our big, round antique table from our master bedroom to the entry. The skirted tables above are lovely. Images via Img Fave (left) and designer Tom Scheerer (right). 

Image via Bryn Alexandra.

One of the best things about skirting a table is the ability to call bits and pieces into service when entertaining. It can be an ugly base topped with a piece of worn plywood underneath, but with a few yards of fabric it is transformed into a handsome bar or buffet. Voila!

Just be sure to secure the temporary top to the base so someone's vodka tonic doesn't end up on the floor.

Image via Eclectic Revisited.

For years, I have been collecting tapestry remnants, and I find the rich colors and textures perfect for tabletops. Talk about adding character! These beautiful fabrics are a luxurious accent in any home's decor.

Image via Scott Louis Brown.

Yummy layers of decadence are my favorite prescription for hiding unsightly legs!

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