Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer camp style ...

Is it possible to not like madras plaid? Surely there's no one out there who would belittle this iconic design. Ever since summer camp as a kid, I have held fast to the notion that madras plaid was for 'cool' kids.

Image via Maryland Pink and Green.

And, now I must admit that my adult heart still belongs to madras. My favorite (incredibly old) shorts below may be some indication of how happy I am wearing this print. I cover the 'mom' waistline with a top, so no one knows that these have lurked in my drawer since the 80's. I just can't part with them.

Image of madras plaid shorts via Alamodeus.

Madras is a great companion to denim. Cool, casual and easy to wear anywhere. 

Image via Tumblr.

I'm digging these Tom's madras slippers, too.

Image via Toms.

Cheers to the wedding planner/designer who used a madras patchwork tabletop runner for a casual wedding reception. Paired with textural woven tablecloths, it would work great for an end-of-summer al fresco dinner.

Tabletop images via Style Me Pretty.

See, madras isn't just for summer camp anymore!

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