Saturday, August 18, 2012

Read 'em and eat ...

We rarely entertain in our formal dining room, so I'm beginning to think of ways to give it a better and higher use on a regular basis. Adding bookshelves to create a library dining room combination is really beginning to appeal to me.

Image via Eclectic Revisited.

I've collected photos of charming rooms showcasing acquired books that add interest to dining spaces. And, since it's all vertical mass, books have a small footprint that take up little of the room's real estate.

Image via Maison Classique.

For me, a library dining space seems so warm and inviting. Add great friends, lively conversation, a wonderfully prepared meal paired with a good wine, and all that is left to make a perfect evening is some good music and flattering light.

Image above (left) of Carolina Irving's apartment via Habitually Chic. At right, dining-library space designed by Diane Bergeron Interiors

Image of  Suzanne Slesin NYC apartment.

One thing few designers and homeowners take into account is comfortable seating. If I'm spending extended time reading or dining, please give me a comfy seat. I can't think of anything less conducive to tush time than a hard chair. Hey, cushionless chairs may look good in photos, but forget the austerity, please!

Image via The Germinatrix.

I love the way bold paint schemes and colorful art accessorizes a room and adds further interest in a space bound by interesting book covers.

Images above via Acanthus and Acorn (left) and Elle Decor (right).

Natural light is another element that makes reading a pleasure and supplements dinner lighting when guests come to call.

Image by Los Angeles designer Peter Dunham.

Now, wouldn't it be worth it to gather up all those collected tomes and perch them where they can been admired any time? I may be on to something here.

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