Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hook, line and sinker ...

I don't have too many hangups, but I am fascinated by items used to hang accumulated objects and wearables. While I haven't actually counted, I'm sure there must be a million different ways to hang things. Since space is limited here, I'll just show you some recent hook and hanger ideas I've come across - some novel, others tried and true.

Image of Lodelei Leaning Coat Rack by Nils Holger Moormann.

Fabric and pegs attached to a simple wood frame is somehow transformed into a gorgeous coat rack by the German design firm of Nils Holger Moormann.

Image via Splendid Willow.

Cobbler's vintage shoe forms are a creative way to showcase fun jewelry.

Simple pegs and hooks hold beach-time accessories at the ready. Images above via Brabourne Farm.

Image via Cooked Brains.

A little scary, yet a conversation starter, no doubt. I would love to know how these pots and utensils were attached to the wall. Seems like a great place to hang aprons.

Image via Apartment Therapy.

Antique spoons bent and curled to create delicate hooks and holders for precious objects. 

Image via Brabourne Farm.

An vintage shelf and nails for pegs is the perfect accompaniment for the antique porcelain sink.

Image via Apartment Therapy.

Shower curtain hooks are fabulous for hanging much more than fabric in a bathroom. They are great for scarves, belts, purses, umbrellas and even outerwear. Clothing can be hung from curtain hooks by their label tags. 

Image via MSN Living.

And, shower hooks are a practical idea for frequently worn seasonal items like rainwear and winter coats, too. Really, any 'S' hook will do, and they're easy to find and very inexpensive at the local hardware stores.

Image by Mr. Yen on Etsy.

Then again, what can beat twine and clothespins?

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